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Been a while

Most of my previous posts have been in the nice lock down section and I'm tired of looking at my old sales posts.
I need them there for feedback reasons but anyhow...

It shall be nice to have a little blurb up here from the most current world of mine and not one involving the past or drama or need of a lock for any reason. So, onwards~! I recently looked through my rarely touched handful of make-up and decided to try and learn a few things via the internet today. Things I keep forgetting (besides the usage of make-up itself) is that there is an expiration date to this stuff.
>m< Let's just say I got a few rejected materials from mother and the rest of it I bought at least 3 years ago.

Probably not the best stuff to keep now, yeah?
I thought so too.

And thus leads me to throwing out a majority of it and only keeping a few select things until I find substitutes. And by that I mean actually go out and buy new makeh-uppu. Weird. So very weird. I like, don't do the make-up thing really.
Go me for being bare faced for all twenty years so far. Heh heh, with a few days in between of doing eye make-up, that's about it.
I suppose it is about due time for me to run my make-up phase. Or actually learn to fancy myself up a ta more for adult like parties. Something to that degree I guess. Heh, I'm being really wishy-washy with the guesses here. I decide to end this little rant here then.
Moon Night


Please leave your feedback here :)

EGL sales feedback link;

Screencap of old EGL database feedback;

Positive: +12
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Include whether you were buyer or seller, where the sale is from (if not on LJ), communication, payment time, overall experience, and any additional comments.

Thank you~
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Fake hair, I want.

As of late I have been wanting more wigs. I mean, how convenient would it be to change my hairstyle without damaging my hair?

Answer - Reaaally damn convenient. That is what.

Plus, as much as I love my Yin wig, wearing an updo wig is hell difficult and a silver fluffy ponytail is not exactly most workable with my outfits. n.n" heh heh yeaahh

Not sure which one I will purchase first off my list. Sure I shall eventually purchase a natural colored curly wig ((for when I get lazy with my own damn hair)) but I want to get one of the unnatural colored ones first.
Gaahh such a dilemma. There is the
+curly deep red one
+deep purple ((which I have longed for since the creation of my character Rimi)) either curly or heat resistant straight [so I technically can curl it myself and get two in one]
+ curly dusty lavender
+ tricolored [light blue,pink,dark purple]straight layered wig

Actually... that totally helped me narrow my choice. Ha!

Does this make me more Asian for some reason? @-@ All I am seeing are cute Asian girls in these wigs. WUTEVER! They have the right idea. I can not count how many crappy hair dyes I have seen that fade into oblivion after a week. Ack.

So why are not wigs what parents give as an alternative to their teens? Seriously. It makes a hall of a lot more sense. -__- You probably pay less, you can change your hair color/style whenever, and best of all IT STAYS THE SAME. ...for the most part, they need a bit of maintenance but not nearly as much as putting chemicals on real hair.

Hell YEAH I just made a whole post about wigs >:D !
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Cosplay Plans!

Alright so this LJ of mine has been dead due to using the three entries below this for sales. Now that I have other ways of selling, it is about time all this space is put to good use! Therefore, this journal shall now document my cosplay plans and progress through them.
The two I plan to finish before next July are Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter and SF-A2 Miki a Vocaloid Through my endeavors I shall take photographs and post them here. Wish me luck!!

Here is the rough list of what I need/have for each cosplay

Black Gold Saw
+growing out hair
- cropped leather jacket
- black bra [attach buckle]
+ horns [headband, wireing, paint]
+ skeleton claws [gloves, model magic]
- white belt
- belt buckle [sculpt over another buckle?]
+black shorts
- armored boots [plastic bottles, over existing boots]
- King Saw prop [cardboard, foam, spray paint gold, skull topper]

SF-A2 Miki
- long red orange wig with cowlick
- fluffy headphones/hood [navy blue faux fur fabric]
- mic attachment
+ star mold
- wrist cuffs [Halloween store]
- belt with insignia [blue case, LED lights? +screen for insignia]
- loose fit baggy dress [white, navy blue ribbon, coral fabric]
+ kneesocks [may change later]
- white shoes [bootcovers?]
- body markings [acrylic paint, eyeliner, marker, body paint??]
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Moon Night

So, it is decided by me...

that I will be going to Japan next year!!

now, I have talked with my parents a little about this but I've still got a year to get though all that and save up a buttload of money to pay for ((what will probably be)) half the trip plus some spending cash =__= I just have to give a great big shout out for because that is essentially where I'm going to go from. I'm super excited for their gothic lolita trip and wish I could have gone this year instead. But then again, I need to save up a lot of money in a very short time >m< The price is about $2180 for about a week's stay. I need to lookup more about the trip but they don't have schedules for the next year XD This inevitably means...I NEED A JOB!! T-T so economic hard times can just go suck it. I must make at least $1000 T0T GAAAAAAHHHHH!!! And so..the battle begins. Not to mention the expensive fact that I want to basically but an entire new wardrobe in Japan *sigh* can it possibly be done??
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Moon Night

Well, theres a first time for everything...

Upon getting this new LJ I guess I should blog a bit more XD seeing as I use to on my old and dusty Xanga page ((must really go and delete that crap one day! X.x))

But I got a new lolita friend that lives near meh and I'm SUPER excited! n.n
yayers!!! We're planning to meet up sometime but I'm still excited anyhow!

I might be selling a few things lolitaish wise though...but meh. I'll see. I'm kinda just ranting to no one right now XD
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